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Revoslot GT car bundle
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Porsche 917 from BRM
Carrera Digital 132 VW Bully Van limited edition 2023 get it here !
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Guido himself


Today we updated the databases and the shop. If you find any errors please let us know.


The new shop system

Contrary to expectations, the new online shop was a somewhat difficult birth. I can whisper it to you... We have kept the basic structure as good as possible, but some things are still being adjusted graphically. Service work cannot be selected at this time, please use the heading here Spare Parts + Customization ---> Service. Ratings via shop info do not work yet because the shop is too new With some mobile phones and tablets, the menu (the three lines at the top left) cannot yet


BRM ALFA slotcars 1/24

delayed, small part is missing. The manufacturer will ship at the end of June.


Carrera Toy fair news - delivery time

We are sorry, but we have to inform you that the new Carrera products from the toy fair 2020 are still not available. We will set all pre-order anouncments to the 01.09.2020 now. We never had such a situation within the last 23 years, and we didn´t get any information from the company.


CORONA PANDEMIC - Important news

We just received the actual shipping information regarding the corona pandemic: Shippments to ITALIA will not arrive in time. In some cases they are stored and delievered much later.# I don´t know what happens with other countries at the moment. We will inform you asap. Guido