Information on warranty processing Carrera


Returning the product or calling Carrera first is the most uncomplicated, simplest and, above all, fastest way to exchange the product or to rectify any operating errors – especially with digital railways.

At the other end are competent professionals who know the products and articles inside out and can help you immediately. If you are asked to send in the goods, please do not send in the complete basic package, just the defective part. Carrera is very accommodating here, even when it comes to broken spring washers, broken lights, etc. For these products, a simple phone call is usually enough (at local rates) and the parts will be sent to you without sending the product in.

A guarantee slip is enclosed with each product. Please follow the instructions.


Technical questions about the Carrera racetrack:
0662-88921-145 (for callers from AT)
0911-7099-145 (for callers from DE)