BRM slotcars are beautiful 1/24 scale slotcar models with a metal chassis and ball bearings that also drive great.
BRM Slotcars are the first step from a home track racer to a professional slotcar.
BRM offers a wide range of spare parts for the ambitious driver. With a few simple steps, it becomes a great slot car for the home track, with a little more effort it becomes a professional driving machine.
Here is an overview of the available parts for BRM slot cars.
BRM slot cars are prepared for digital operation (digital chip 26732), but we recommend the FT slot technology chip SCD2022 for performance and weight reasons.

Would you like to have your BRM slotcar professionally tuned?
Here's the kickerman professional slotcar tuning service (GER)

BRM Slotcars

BRM spare parts

BRM Tuning Tipps (GER)

BRM spareparts (PDF)